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About Us

Twin Mission Tutoring & Child Care Services, LLC (Twin Mission Tutoring) is a privately owned academic tutoring company based out of Brooklyn, NY.

At Twin Mission Tutoring we aim to personalize every session to meet the needs of our scholars, both struggling and gifted, focusing on areas in which the scholar has the potential to improve and grow.

Twin Mission Tutors

  • Fully vetted by Twin Mission Tutoring Team

  • Utilize their own expert methods, materials and teaching styles. 

  • Come from a variety of educational backgrounds, including former, current and student teachers.

 It takes a village, allow us to be a part of yours. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide direct and indirect academic services to children  in underserved communities bridging the literacy gap from infancy and beyond.



Virtual tutors all over the U.S, eliminates travel, is designed to fit into any schedule.


Trustworthy & consistent tutoring service that gets positive results with both grade and scholar confidence improvement.

Time Saving

Tutors are fully vetted using our expertise and experience, saving clients valuable time on researching and doing background checks/interviews.


Thoughts From The Director

Otivia Headley-Cook, LMSW

image0 (3).jpeg

As a youth I struggled with test anxiety, recalling information and confidence in the classroom. With no change by the 5th grade, my parents hired my next door neighbor as my first tutor. As time went on my confidence increased and my anxiety subsided. Tutoring saved me during the critical years of my education and I believe it played an important part in my academic career thus far.

My passion for Early Childhood Literacy has allowed me to not only evolve what was once an after school tutoring gig to a tutoring company,  it has also lead to the creation of the Early Investigations Series, an early childhood learning product for children ages 1 and up. 


Community Love

"My son has made great improvement in math and reading. Not only has his scores improved, the confidence he now has in himself has been shinning. He is no longer afraid to participate in class".

Brittany S.

"My son Taylor was struggling in school, I was referred to Twin Mission Tutoring and Mrs. Otivia became his tutor. She helped (him) build his confidence in his work in all subjects. His grades have greatly improved in just one marking period and this is directly due to the tutoring sessions with Twin Mission Tutoring & Child Care Services".

Kitwana B.

"I almost thought that what I grew up on was completely diminished away but we still have amazing educators like (Otivia*) and Mr. Rizzo that continue to pave the way!"

Roudlyne P.


The Headley Education & Literacy Program (H.E.L.P)

Our goal at Twin Mission Tutoring is to provide a positive memory during a time of difficulty in many communities, especially in school aged children. 

As a way to give back and leave our community better than we found it, we are committing to donating backpacks filled with grade appropriate school supplies to transitional and family shelters in Brooklyn NY.

Our goal for 2022 is to donate 100 backpacks.


"Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it."

Marian Wright Elderman