Bridging The Education Gap From Infancy & Beyond

Our Mission

At Twin Mission Tutoring & Child Care Services, LLC, we believe every family deserves access to quality education no matter a families financial status and we are committed to making it easier for students to connect with quality tutors who can help them reach their academic goals for free. 

Why Is It Free & What's The Catch 

"The catch is there is no catch. Yes, crazy idea especially in the quid pro quo world we live in.  However, as a student who benefited from academic tutoring well into receiving my Masters Degree from Hunter College, I understand the value of tutoring. I learned early on it's not what you learn it's how you learn, this philosophy is the core foundation that helped me establish Twin Mission Tutoring & Child Care Services, LLC. As a successful business woman I now have the opportunity to bridge the education gap between school and home for others through the "Free 4 Me" academic tutoring program." 

- Otivia Headley-Cook, LMSW

Founder & Educational Director of Twin Mission Tutoring & Child Care Services, LLC

How We Fund The "Free 4 Me" Tutoring Program

        The "Free 4 Me" academic tutoring program is fully funded by our  Twin Mission Shop   along with generous donations from our email lists subscribers and supporters, allowing us to pay quality tutors removing that financial stress from families with students in need of academic support.    Families are encouraged to apply as many times as they need, applicants are arbitrarily selected and announced via email monthly.

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