Our Mission

"At Twin Mission Tutoring & Child Care Services, our mission is to connect families to academic tutors who can help their children succeed in school. We believe that every family deserves access to quality education, and we are committed to making it easier for families to find and connect with tutors who can help them reach their academic goals."

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Thoughts From The Director

Otivia Headley-Cook, LMSW

    As a youth I struggled with test anxiety, recalling information and confidence in the classroom. With no change by the 5th grade my parents hired my next door neighbor as my first tutor and it didn't stop there.

 Something many do not  know is I utilized tutoring all the way up to my post graduate degree (learning centers , peer and private tutoring). I learned early on that "It's not WHAT you learn It's HOW you learn" and I needed a more hands on approach to learning in ADDITION to classroom time.


About Us

Twin Mission Tutoring & Child Care Services, LLC (Twin Mission Tutoring) is a privately owned academic tutoring company based out of Brooklyn, NY.

At Twin Mission Tutoring we connect families to fully vetted, background and reference checked academic tutors for grades K-12th grade (In-person & Online)

Twin Mission Tutors

  • Fully vetted by Twin Mission Tutoring Team

  • Utilize their own expert methods, materials and teaching styles. 

  • Come from a variety of educational backgrounds, including former, current and student teachers.

 Give us your criteria and let us do all the leg work to find you the best tutor for your families needs.



Online & In-Person tutors all over the U.S, eliminates travel and is  designed to fit into any schedule.


Trustworthy & consistent tutoring service that gets positive results with both grade and scholar confidence improvement.

Time Saving

Tutors are fully vetted using our expertise and experience, saving clients valuable time on researching and doing background checks/interviews.


Community Love

"My son has made great improvement in math and reading. Not only has his scores improved, the confidence he now has in himself has been shinning. He is no longer afraid to participate in class".

Brittany S.

"My son Taylor was struggling in school, I was referred to Twin Mission Tutoring and Mrs. Otivia became his tutor. She helped (him) build his confidence in his work in all subjects. His grades have greatly improved in just one marking period and this is directly due to the tutoring sessions with Twin Mission Tutoring & Child Care Services".

Kitwana B.

"I almost thought that what I grew up on was completely diminished away but we still have amazing educators like (Otivia*) and Mr. Rizzo that continue to pave the way!"

Roudlyne P.


Early Investigation Binder

Ages 1+

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"Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it."

Marian Wright Elderman