Frequently Asked Questions About Twin Misison Tutoring

01. How do I sign up for academic tutoring?

Book a Strategy Call so that we can gather information to best assist you and your family. This call will take 10-15 minutes tops

02. What age groups do you provide tutoring for?

We tutor scholars mainly from grades K-12th

03. What subjects do you provide tutoring services for?

We offer academic tutoring in most elementary, middle and high school subject areas.

Please contact us with your specific concerns and we can further assist you.

04. Is tutoring right for my scholar?

Every scholar can benefit from working with an academic tutor. In addition to scholars that are struggling, tutoring is a great option for scholars:

- Who need a challenge outside the classroom
- Are anxious test takers
- Have busy schedules
- Have a specific learning style
- Gets distracted easily
- Learns better in a smaller setting
- Are reading or performing below grade level
- Need extra help with homework assignments & accountability

05. How long does a typical tutoring session last?

Most sessions last 60 minutes however families and tutors create custom schedules which can vary. 

06. Why should I choose Twin Mission Tutoring & Child Care Services?

We operate knowing that education and preparation does not only occur in a child’s school setting. At Twin Mission Tutoring and Child Care Services we connect scholars both gifted and struggling to experts that can get them where they need to be academically.

07. What three words describe Twin Mission Tutoring?

Twin Mission Tutors get positive results with both grades and scholar confidence improvement.

Twin Mission Tutors provide virtual tutoring all over the United States. We pride ourselves in being adaptable to any schedule. 

Time Saver
Twin Mission Tutoring fully vets tutors using our expertise and experience. We save clients valuable time by researching,  facilitating background checks and conducting interviews so they do not have to. 


08. Where does Tutoring Sessions take place

1. Online: Our fully vetted Academic Tutors make meaningful connections with scholars through video conferencing.

2. In-person at your space of choice. Home, near by café or public library. 

09.How are scholars paired with tutors?

A member of our team will contact you to learn more about your scholars goals, learning style, personality and more. They’ll then take that information and match you with the right expert from our pool of available tutors. While it is rare that scholars are unhappy with their tutor pairing,  we understand that sometimes the vibe just isn’t there. If you aren’t comfortable with your tutor pairing following the first session, let us know and we’ll find you a tutor who is a better fit. 

Twin Mission Tutors are fully vetted independent tutors that believe in the Twin Mission Tutoring  mission statement. Tutors utlize their own methods, materials and teaching styles. Twin Mission Tutors come from a variety of educational backgrounds, including student teachers, former and current teachers, professionals from a wide variety of disciplines, and others who may have specific expertise in a certain subject area. 

10. Do tutors work with the school or teachers?

Yes, with parent/guardian permission, tutors are able to contact teachers to increase communication and understand the requirements of the class. They are often also able to provide insight into the scholar's learning challenges or areas where the scholar can improve in class. This option is given in the Parent-Tutor Agreement.