Thoughts From The Director

Otivia Headley-Cook,LMSW

    As a youth I struggled with test anxiety, recalling information and confidence in the classroom. With no change by the 5th grade my parents hired my next door neighbor as my first tutor and it didn't stop there.

   Something many do not  know is I utilized tutoring all the way up to my post graduate degree (learning centers , peer and private tutoring). I learned early on that "It's not WHAT you learn It's HOW you learn" and I needed a more hands on approach to learning in ADDITION to classroom time.

   Even as an adult my mind wanders through lectures and it is very easy for me to tune out important information. Tutoring allowed for information to be broken down in a way that my brain can understand it. I was also taught tools to help me break the information down for myself so I can repeat the same steps outside of tutoring.  

    My biggest challenge was finding  tutors that knew what they were talking about and I could trust to not just take my money and leave me with no real support. I was blessed to find phenomenal tutors growing up and at the same time I also had a few that were not so great.

    My goal is to repay those blessings by creating my own business that finds tutors for students in need just like me.