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“Bridging The Literacy Gap From Infancy & Beyond.

About Us

Twin Mission Tutoring & Child Care Services, LLC has evolved from what was once just an after school tutoring gig to a tutoring company that connects families of both struggling and gifted students to Academic Tutors in their area and online. We believe that every family deserves access to quality education and we are committed to making it easier for families to find and connect with quality tutors who can help them reach their academic goals.

 Twin Mission Tutors specialize in all subject areas offering quality tutoring for elementary to high school students (grades K-12) and now Adult ESL classes (ages 18+). 

Twin Mission Tutors are typically college students and graduates from accredited U.S colleges and universities. They travel to residential homes, the nearest public coffee shop or virtually to work with individual students one-on-one. In response to COVID-19 we are now offering Online Tutoring.

Twin Mission Tutors are Independent Contractors and have the freedom to use their own teaching methods and skills to adapt to each student's unique needs and learning styles. 

How Do We Make Finding A Quality Tutor Easier For You?

 1. Twin Mission Tutoring interviews suitable candidates for your family's specific academic needs. ( ex. language, subject area, skill level, travelling, scheduling) 

2. Twin Mission Tutoring conducts thorough background checks  including professional reference verification to ensure your tutor is qualified and experienced to support your families academic goals.

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Let us find and connect you to the perfect Academic Tutor for your family needs.