Our Mission

Twin Mission Tutoring offers a unique educational experience for parents and educators, by providing the best pre-assembled and fully customizable learning products for children to advance academically.


The Creation:

Early Investigations Binder & Activity Bundles

As a Behavioral Therapist & a homeschooling mother of boy/girl twin toddlers, the Early Investigations Binder was a tool Otivia created to engage with her children's vastly different learning styles and allowed her to gauge where they were academically.

To be fully transparent, there are many learning binders out there, however what sets The Early Investigations Binders and Activity Bundles apart is the incorporation of Positive Affirmations. Otivia has made this a mind, body and soul learning journey whereas most learning binders are for academic purposes solely.

The hope for everyone who opens an Early Investigations Binder or Activity Bundle would be that when they finally close it, they feel even better about themselves than when they opened it.

With Love & Light,

The Twin Mission Tutoring Team


Where Do I Start?

Not sure which Early Investigations Binder or Bundle is the right fit for the toddler in your life? Use our 24/7 Chat Feature on the bottom right side of the page.